Chainlink Blockchain Integration Grants

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Chainlink Blockchain Integration Grants

Key Takeaways:

  • Chainlink is now accepting RFPs for projects integrating Chainlink’s oracle network into blockchain partnerships that need high quality Chainlink oracles on their chain.
  • Winning proposals will be awarded a Blockchain Integration Grant of $100,000+, with the potential for ongoing revenue around maintenance of the integration.
  • The first blockchain integration RFP is for Solana, co-sponsored by Solana and Serum. Serum is the first completely on-chain cryptocurrency ecosystem with trustless trading built on the Solana network.

In order to further support the rapid growth of the Chainlink ecosystem, we’ve recently released the Chainlink Community Grant Program, as a means of providing important financial resources to the many development teams building Chainlink, as well as the many additional developer resources that enable easy access to the network. Our goal with the grant program is to deploy substantial financial resources towards the creation of critical developer tooling, the addition of more high-quality data, the onboarding of new blockchains, and the launching of key services around the Chainlink Network.

We are excited to announce that in addition to our current grant application process, where people can submit original ideas for what they want to build around or integrate into the Chainlink Network, we are now introducing a request for proposal (RFP) process that makes specific grants openly available to the larger blockchain development community, which anyone with the right skill set can submit proposals for.

If you’re interested in receiving a grant to integrate Chainlink on another blockchain, send us your proposals using the following link.

RFPs are a standard way in which large teams all over the world procure specific technological work/services from other specialized teams. An RFP document outlines the specific work they want done, and potential suppliers of this work then submit proposals outlining why they are the ideal ...

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