Charting New Paths Forward

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What’s better than launching a new chart? Launching more than 50 of them.

We slid into February by landing a couple of quotes in Morning Consult and Rolling Stone, and continued by rolling out new features. You know, (show)business as usual 😊

🔬 What we focused on:

Perfecting and expanding our charts

Charts and rankings affect our everyday lives much more than we might think.

Consider how many times a day you click on a suggested song, most-discussed article or best-reviewed restaurant menu. You might think it’s all random, but the algorithms behind these suggestions and recommendations basically start off as charts.

As chart systems can be applied to pretty much anything, they have to be done right.

🥋 What we accomplished:

#1 Introduced 50+ unique charts

We want to make our tools as diverse and customizable as possible, in order to reflect as many music industry aspects as possible. In February, we introduced a variety of charts, available free to all registered users.

Check them out, they change weekly

#2 Launched Festival Charts & Analytics, and published the Festival Apps Report

Festivals are a vital part of the music industry. We’re proud to be the first and only platform where you can examine thousands of festivals in one place, dig deeper into what makes them popular, and get insights into their audiences.

Explore Music Festivals with Viberate’s Festival Charts & Analytics

As apps are becoming a music festival standard, we also published a special report on Festival App Trends for 2021 and beyond. Download the exclusive report for free here.

💡 What we learned:

Looking for constant improvement is what drives creativity, and every evolution produces some dead ends. We believe that sacrificing ambition for perfectionism — be it in music or business — doesn’t work. It’s better to embrace the flaws and learn from them.

With this in mind, we’re ...

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