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Most of the chatbots available on the market typically fall under one of the three categories: 1) “Small talk chatbots” pre-trained on massive dialogue data and capable to simulate social kind of pointless conversation; 2) “Personal Assistants” manually hardcoded to perform a variety of pre-programmed activities; 3) “Dialog-flow based” chatbots executing conversational templates manually engineered by people to solve specific problems. Here we offer another possibility — let the bot consume your data and start talking about this data to you and your customers immediately.

The Aigents® Personal Artificial Intelligence platform already provides chatbot capabilities such as conversational intelligence based on dialogue templates, custom Web search, sentiment analysis, monitoring the Web and group chats, and computation of reputation in communities. The Aigents release 3.0.7 couples semantic graph search technology with the concept of controlled language under the chatbot interface. It enables a chatbot user to navigate through the existing data finding objects of interest just using chatting with the Aigents bot.

Example of chatting with @AigentsBot on Telegram, first loading tabular data into the knowledge graph and next searching the data using semantic graph search in the chatbot interface.

The use cases are any wherever one needs to expose the data to personnel of a customer base or a wider audience so the elements of the knowledge may be searched and found by the searchers precisely, quickly, and interactively. It could location of a good in a store or a departure gate in the airport or a book in the library or a person in an enterprise or a specific service company office in the office building or a support case in the CRM database — anything with multiple attributed data items like stored in SQL database and can be dumped to a tab-separated or a comma-separated file.


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