Chrysalis – Audit Results

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Chrysalis - Audit Results

The Chrysalis upgrade is the most significant in IOTA’s history. Every single component of the protocol has been changed throughout Chrysalis phase 1 and 2, including all developer tools, libraries, and our wallet. When dealing with a project of this magnitude, the correct development processes, practices, and testing are critical. In particular, external validation of our development through audit.

We have employed multiple external parties to audit all critical components of Chrysalis. The components of Chrysalis phase 1 were audited throughout the summer of 2020. Phase 2 audit commenced in January 2021. The following individual audits were performed for Chrysalis phase 2:

  • Firefly. A vertical audit performed by F-Secure. A peripheral audit of,,, and was also performed, though not the main focus.
  • is a key component of the stack used by Firefly and exchanges.
  • Chrysalis migration logic and architecture.
  • Hornet node software.
  • Bee node software....

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