Cindicator’s Stoic hits all-time high: +318%

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Recently, Stoic, AI crypto trading app, hit a new all-time high in return: +318% since March 2020 when Stoic’s strategy started trading. Since public launch just under two months ago, Stoic’s users connected the app to accounts holding over $2 million worth of crypto assets.

What is Stoic?

Stoic is a simple automated crypto trading mobile app based on Cindicator’s Hybrid Intelligence (collective intelligence + AI). Users connect Stoic to their Binance exchange accounts via API and the app automatically executes the trading strategy.

The strategy

Stoic’s currently available algorithmic trading strategy is a long-only portfolio of large-cap altcoins with daily rebalancing.

The weights for each asset position are set by a quantitative algorithm, which was developed by the team behind crypto hedge fund Cindicator Capital. The algorithm considers volumes, trend, momentum, and other factors that affect asset prices.

Unlike most crypto trading bots, Stoic does not require any setup and works right out of the box. Users simply create trading-only API keys (i.e. allowing to buy and sell but not withdraw assets) and share them with Stoic via a mobile app.

After that, every day, Stoic makes about 20–30 trades, trading liquid crypto assets that have at least $10 million in daily volumes in Binance.

The current portfolio is available in the Stoic app even in the demo mode. After connecting an account and launching live trading, the app shows the user’s actual portfolio.

Starting from next quarter, Stoic will start to introduce new advanced strategies. Users will be able to select more aggressive or defensive strategies based on their preferences or views of the market.

Stoic’s performance

Stoic’s current trading strategy aims to maximise returns in USDT and beat the passive holding of Bitcoin and altcoins. The algorithm does this by taking advantage of market trends and rebalancing the portfolio ...

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