Civic Milestones and Updates: Second Half of 2020

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During the second half of 2020, Civic has continued charging ahead, making strong gains with our Civic Wallet app, building out Health Key by Civic, and providing our users with a best-in-class experience by transitioning Civic Secure Identity users to Civic Wallet.

Key Milestones

Following the app store launch of Civic Wallet in June 2020, thousands of users have created Civic Wallets. Civic Wallet users love that their cryptocurrency is protected by our $1M Cryptocurrency Protection Guarantee (see Terms & Conditions) and is hassle-free, without the need to remember complicated passwords. In the words of one Civic Wallet reviewer: “[It’s]…the most secure way to store your crypto, guaranteed.”

Enhancing the value of Civic Wallet for our users is a top priority. This is why we’ve contacted many of our users to get their unfiltered feedback and improved our app to give them the features they need to make crypto easier. We were also proud in the second half of 2020 to expand our global coverage, which now includes 195 countries. Our customers live around the world,, and Civic has them covered where they need to be.

We’ve also expanded Health Key by Civic™, our health status verification service, which will help create safer working environments. Health Key by Civic is now available to help reopen daily life in any use case where health information is required for access, and across borders. This summer, Civic presented an overview of the service to a forum convened by the United Nations World Tourism Organization. Sharing health status is easy for consumers, who can access Health Key by Civic through their Civic Wallet. With Covid, navigating border regulations has never been harder, but we’re making the process easier for businesses and other organizations. Our new demo video and the recent deep-dive ...

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