CoinFestUK 2020 Announcement

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In light of the recent developments and given the growing global concerns around COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we have made the difficult decision to withdraw from the upcoming CoinfestUK 2020 conference in Manchester, UK.

We have decided to withdraw at this time due to national health advisories on travel, which affect our plans to provide an engaging exhibition of Nano and the surrounding ecosystem. Additionally, we want to give all those who have made plans to attend adequate time to rearrange. Those considering traveling to the event should be aware that the exhibition of Nano by the Nano Foundation team will not be taking place.

The Nano Foundation remains committed to sharing the exciting progress Nano has made over recent months with the broader community and will continue to identify opportunities to do so throughout 2020.

We thank our community for their patience and understanding and CoinFestUK for the exciting opportunity, we look forward to participating in a future event.

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