Collateral Release Option Activated

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Collateral Release Option Activated on VIBE NFTs

Hello Everyone! The Collateral Release Option (CRO) for VIBE NFTs has now been activated. VIBE NFT owners have until Monday, February 15th to exercise their CRO and release their collateral on their VIBE NFT. Once the collateral is released, your VIBENet Virtual Wallet will be funded with that amount in VIBE.

Steps to Activate CRO

1)Log on to your account at
2) Click Profile in the top right and select Manage My Wallet
3) Select the NFT tab beside your account tab

4) Click the 3 dots on your NFT photo
5) Select Release Collateral

  • If you own 100% of the VIBE NFT and exercise the CRO, that VIBE NFT will automatically be placed in a genesis auction for anyone to bid on.
  • If you own a share of a VIBE NFT and exercise your CRO, that ownership amount (percentage) will be divided among the remaining owners based on their share percentage.
  • Collateral Release Option period will end Monday, February 15th.

Thank you all for your continued support. If you have any questions, please join the VIBEHub Telegram Support Channel!

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