Community Call Summary — July 25, 2021

Community Call Summary — July 25, 2021

Bancor hosts weekly community calls with core contributors every week.

This week’s recording can be found here

Nate hosted the call with input from Mark and Eyal. They were joined by Zack Gall from LiquidApps and Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee from DIGITALAX. Below is a summary of the ecosystem & development updates from the call.

Quick Asks of the Community (1:15)

  • We have a new swap API for wallets to more easily integrate Bancor swaps. If you know of any wallets which aren’t already tapping into Bancor’s deep liquidity to offer always-available swaps & the best prices to their users, contact @FoxSteven on Telegram to let us know and tell the wallets you want to see Bancor integrated!
  • We’re looking for DeFi educators interested in creating crypto & DeFi content about Bancor — video explainers, tutorials, informational graphics/GIFs, fact sheets — especially especially as our upcoming V3 approaches. Contact @NateHindman on Telegram if this is something you‘re interested in working on.

Ethcc Conference, Paris

  • Was great to finally meet many of the protocols we’ve worked with face to face.
  • Successful meetings with investors and key developers in the Ethereum ecosystem and across different blockchains.
  • A recurring question : What will “institutional” DeFi look like and how do we get regulatory clarity?
  • Met with numerous teams seeking on-chain liquidity solutions for their token or trading and yield strategies.
  • Key takeaway was Bancor’s solutions remains uniquely positioned compared to other AMM designs in the industry to serve the needs of token projects, LPs and on-chain financial apps.

Ecosystem Growth

  • Bancor’s trader count is continuing to rise — traders are coming directly to the, as well as from other apps and arbs.
  • Average swap fee APR across the network is steady around 5% (before accounting for liquidity mining rewards). Pools like AXS, SNX, MATIC and AMP continue to drive 10–30%+ APRs
  • ...

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