Community Spotlight: João Campos — Head Developer of DexKit

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Community Spotlight: João Campos — Head Developer of DexKit

An interview with a phenomenal 0x ecosystem builder

If you’re a part of our Discord developer community, there’s a good chance that you’ve interacted with João or at least recognize his name. A long-standing community member and talented builder, João has exceptional knowledge of the entire 0x tech stack and is always willing to help others with their questions. João is also no stranger to the 0x ecosystem, having worked on a few other 0x-powered projects in the past. He is now 100% focused on building DexKit, which you’ll learn more about below.

We consider ourselves fortunate to have João as a community member and sincerely thank him for his contributions. We hope you enjoy the interview!

Please share a little bit about yourself and your background.

Hey everyone, I’m João Campos, a simple guy who likes to code and has been passionately working in the crypto space for a while now. I have a PhD in Electrical Engineering and was previously teaching at a university but eventually transitioned to working in crypto as a full-stack developer.

I’m inspired to build a truly decentralized financial system, which will not be possible if all financial platforms and liquidity are centralized. Additionally, I want to focus on developing solutions that give non-technical entrepreneurs a way to participate in the blockchain revolution and earn additional income.

What is DexKit?

DexKit will be a platform to manage all of your crypto apps — exchanges, NFTs marketplaces, and aggregators. We are building a comprehensive DeFi portfolio management tool that will help users:

  • manage their investments
  • explore 0x protocol and Uniswap analytics
  • learn insights about their trading activity
  • receive trending token trading alerts
  • automate their DeFi trading

In addition to portfolio management, we’re planning to offer trading bots and multi-chain/currency support.

Another service offering currently available is ...

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