Community Spotlight: Joey Zacherl — Founder of VolleyFire

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Community Spotlight: Joey Zacherl — Founder of VolleyFire

An interview with a leading 0x market maker

If you’ve been following our project, you would probably recognize at least a few of the many relayers who have built their businesses on the 0x protocol. Unless you’ve been staking, however, you would not likely recognize any of our 0x market makers. Market makers are crucial players in the ecosystem. They supply a significant portion of the network’s liquidity, allowing 0x integrators and end-users to enjoy a vast selection of tokens, at the best prices. Their collective efforts have fueled the ecosystem’s growth, and our revised v3 network economics ensure that they are appropriately rewarded for their contributions. Despite the importance of their role in the ecosystem, 0x market makers remain somewhat of a mystery — both in terms of who they and what they do. With this spotlight, we look forward to shedding some light on our hard-working community of market makers. We hope you enjoy the interview below!

Please share a little bit about yourself and your background.

I’m a software engineer who loves building things. I got started in automation by building IoT (Internet of Things) automation platforms, video game bots, and online poker bots. VolleyFire has been my most successful automation venture by far. I followed Bitcoin during the early days and took the career plunge a few years after Ethereum went live. My fascination with the concept of decentralized trade stems back to the 2014 Mt. Gox incident. Witnessing those events play out demonstrated to me the value of trustless exchange.

What inspired you to build VolleyFire, and where did the name come from?

My first experience with decentralized exchanges came when I stumbled upon EtherDelta in 2017. The UI/UX was lacking, but the fundamentals were there. Anyone with an internet connection ...

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