Community Update — Software updates, like busses

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Community Update: Software updates - like busses

The long awaited BTCP software update is ready! Our devs have been beavering away into the wee small hours trying to prepare for the difficulty bomb that would render the BTCP chain dead at block 600,000.

As previously described the plan was to address three key areas.
1. The difficulty bomb
2. Update to a customised 192,7 algorithm to provide ASIC resistance once again and discourage rented hash so as to have 51% attack resistance
3. Implement Groth16 parameters to alleviate the ZCash vulnerability that we have inherited.

Meatloaf once said ‘Two out of three aint bad’ and up until 2 days ago we were regrettably in the position where we could only provide the same. This was a combination of factors including some last minute issues with the 192,7 difficulty adjustments, which have affected ZCL in their recent update. These issues meant that earlier this week, despite having a build with all 3 changes built a decision was made to defer the Groth 16 Vulnerability Fix to a point in the very near future to concentrate on addressing the 192,7 problems. The bad news meaning that we would need 2 forks in quick succession. This, however, was determined not to be the end of the world as we have very few interested 3rd parties to inform in terms of exchanges and mining pools.

As always with development there is always something lurking to throw a spanner in the works. This spanner became evident yesterday (11th September) and was not to do with the code that had been developed, rather the toolchain and workflow. To cut a long story short, the developers had a meeting today and determined that the best course of action was to simply provide an update to remove the difficulty bomb and ...

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