Congratulations to ETHGlobal’s 2020 Hackathon Winners

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Congratulations to ETHGlobal’s 2020 Hackathon Winners

As a proud sponsor of ETHGlobal’s 2020 ETHOnline Hackathon, Chainlink is extending a big thank you and congratulations to all participants and hackathon winners. ETHGlobal’s virtual event was a great opportunity to see the wide variety of development at all levels of the stack from the broader Ethereum community. As a sponsor, we’re excited to support developers who are increasing smart contract usability and connectivity with Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network.

Today we’re thrilled to announce the five outstanding winners for submissions that integrated Chainlink technology. Each of the five winning projects will receive $1,000 worth of prizes.

Thank you again to all the participants, sponsors, and judges who made the ETHOnline Hackathon successful, and a special thanks to ETHGlobal for continuing to support developers and teams who are building secure decentralized technology.

The winners below are highlighted in alphabetical order.

Iroiro: Decentralized Creators Support Platform

Iroiro, an Ethereum-based creators support platform submitted by Tsukasa Noguchi and Toshiaki Takase, allows creators to distribute reward tokens to their fans’ wallet addresses using the Audius decentralized music platform. Because gas costs for sending tokens to followers can be prohibitive, Iroiro uses IPFS to save Audius supporter information as a JSON file. The supporters can then withdraw the token rewards at their convenience.

The Iroiro team created a Chainlink External Adapter to connect Iroiro to IPFS. When supporters make a withdrawal request, the smart contract uses Chainlink to check that the supporter’s address is in the JSON file to approve the withdrawal address.

The Iroiro model allows supporters to determine token properties such as token name, symbol, and total supply, as well as unique properties such as token allocation, vesting, and staking capabilities. This flexibility of options gives creators greater control over token distribution for novel, cryptoeconomic fan ...

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