Congratulations to the 7th wave of ZILHive Grants awardees!

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Greetings everyone,

We’re glad to report that we have chosen the 8 projects that will receive our support as part of the 7th Wave of the ZILHive Grants programme. As some of our seasoned ecosystem players continue to enrich their projects through technical infrastructure development, addition of new features and implementation, you’ll see some familiar names in the mix. The team behind Zeeves, the Telegram-based peer-to-peer rewards and engagement bot-ler which announced its loyalty programme last week, is among them.

Infrastructure Track

  1. XanPool API: XanPool’s REST APIs for Zilliqa allows developers to integrate XanPool on/offboarding processes in their application’s custom interface. With this, Zilliqa-based dApps can easily tap into XanPool’s KYC services and buy/sell processing services.
  2. Magic: Magic link login for Web3.0 apps.
  3. Zilliqa Wallet SDK: Standardisation of wallet messaging protocol used by different wallet providers to inject web3 into Dapps. This SDK will be a new monorepo package within Zilliqa-JS library.
  4. Blockchain ETL: Integration of Zilliqa’s blockchain data into Google BigQuery Database to provide the public with a consistent and reliable source of Zilliqa’s dataset, which will be used by Merkle Science for analysis.

Innovation Track

  1. Zeydra: A matchmaking network using cryptocurrency interactions.
  2. Tyron DID: A W3C Sidetree-based DID method and a client, tyronZIL, that implements the Sidetree protocol on Zilliqa, enabling the issuance of digital identities on Zilliqa.
  3. Zeeves v2.0: New features including a loyalty programme complete with a referral link mechanism, a daily achievement board for tracking users’ activities, and a new onboarding mechanism for the ASEAN market using the XanPool’s onboarding APIs.
  4. Switcheo token bridge: The creation of a Switcheo ERC20 <> ZRC2 swap gateway for the locking/minting and burning/unlocking fungible tokens between the Ethereum and Zilliqa blockchains.

Each of these projects have made an invaluable contribution to ...

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