Contributor Dashboard: Shaping a More Community-Centred Workflow

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Order and creativity go hand in hand, so we created a proper tool for the job. Here’s a short walkthrough.

We heard you like putting things in order, so we put in order a tool that puts in order all the order-making data you put in. OK, forget the attempts at jokes: we are seriously extatic to announce the launch of our new contributor dashboard.

In the last couple of months, we listened to a lot of constructive feedback from the community. You guys told us how much you care about tracking your progress, getting to know other contributors, and getting fresh ideas on how you can help more, and do more.

Thus, the dashboard was created.

From now on, you and anyone in the community can simply click on “My Contribution” on their Viberate profile, and access a single point of reference for all your contribution-related work. It’s designed to help you track your progress in a clean, visual fashion, assist you in getting better as you go, and connect you to the everyday goings-on in the community.

Let’s go through the highlights:

Clear onboarding with focused tasks

When you click on “My Contribution”, you’ll immediately access your dashboard and see your current stats. First-time contributors will be offered introductory tasks to help them take their first contribution steps more confidently. They will learn the ropes by adding links and media to existing entities in our database, and adding entirely new entities, such as events nearby, or new artists on the block.

Focused tasks will also be there for more experienced editors, along with other useful features.

Tasks, tips, and resources

Putting the entire music industry’s info in order is not an easy job. Since we don’t want you to feel lost or out of ideas while doing it, your ...

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