Councils’ path to sustainable energy procurement

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We launched WePower back in 2017 with a mission to remove obstacles for everyone to use renewable energy and advance the transition towards a sustainable energy future. Having worked more than ten years in various leading positions within the energy markets of Europe, we knew that it won’t be a small task.

Although our end goal is to enable a global change towards fully sustainable energy, we are committed to helping this transition for everyone. By everyone, we mean EVERYONE — from government, large scale industrial energy consumers, and even residential energy consumers.

This is why WePower was designed to provide ultimate flexibility — from the ability to manage large, complicated energy deals with overlapping timelines, to one-off small scale contracts.

In my last update, I mentioned that we’ve started working with the energy retailers in Australia to power their private green energy marketplaces and offer access to green energy for their clients. Today I’m excited to announce that we’re also in talks with Local Government Areas (councils) all across Australia who are looking to minimise the social impact by moving to sustainable energy solutions, including PV solar and alternatives to traditional carbon-heavy energy supply.

WePower is working with Australian Local Government Areas to provide access to sustainable energy solutions via the WePower Marketplace. Councils utilising our tools to simplify procurement processes with flexible solutions reducing legal, procurement, and energy costs, while facilitating direct relationships with energy producers.

I would like to invite you to read our report and learn how councils in Australia can proceed with their sustainability agenda and reduce energy procurement costs.

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