Creating Your First Web App on Skynet

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Today we are going to present a tutorial for building on Skynet. People have been using Skynet not just for sharing data, but also to host entire web applications called “Skapps”, including an impressive livestreaming platform. Skynet is an open protocol for hosting applications and data. Unlike typical web applications, data is controlled by users and hosted on a decentralized cloud. You can read more about Skynet on the website.

In this tutorial, we’ll be loosely following the Skynet-workshop repo, which itself is based on our video tutorial. We’ll go through and create a simple application together that takes an image from the user and generates their own media page on Skynet. It will look like this:

Try the app out for yourself here. For more inspiration, check out the Skynet Appstore.


The goal of this tutorial is to make your introduction to web development on Skynet as smooth as possible. However, some minimal prior experience with HTML, JS, and the command line may be required. If anything is unclear, check out MDN or ask one of us on Discord!


Make sure you have the following software installed on your machine:

Setting Up The Project


Let’s use the command line to make a new directory for our project and enter into it:

Initialize an empty git repository for version control:

Now initialize a brand new NPM project in the directory:

Running this will bring up a series of prompts allowing you to customize your project. Accept the defaults or change them at your leisure. You can always edit your project’s settings in package.json after....

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