Crypto Price-Feed by J48 — Coinbase API Secured by iExec (Dapp of the Month)

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Crypto Price-Feed by J48 — Coinbase API Secured by iExec (Dapp of the Month)

This series, Dapp of the Month will feature the most innovative applications built on top of iExec, by both individual developers and enterprises. We’ll showcase what can be achieved with iExec tools and libraries, demonstrating how easy it can be to create applications, run using decentralized and confidential cloud computing.

We are excited to show you an application recently discovered by the team. This app has been developed behind the scenes over the lockdown period and makes use of the most recently released and cutting-edge features of the iExec technical stack. The dapp we’ll be presenting is a Trusted Crypto Price Feed, by @j48.

This piece of work was particularly impressive for the iExec team for a few reasons, here’s a quick overview:

  • An all-in-one Oracle-based price feed application for multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Signed and trusted thanks to iExec trusted data encryption within Intel SGX hardware enclaves
  • Makes use of the brand new APIs by Coinbase, a release that has been a hot topic in the blockchain community recently
  • To top everything off, the interface is hosted via IPFS, being fully decentralized and Web3 certified — the future is here!

The dapp is quite self-explanatory, you can find the UI with a selection of a multitude of cryptocurrencies here:

iExec Decentralized Oracle Tech Demo

Decentralized Price Feeds for a multitude of cryptocurrencies

J48, who we met in the #tech-support the iExec Slack channel built this application after seeing the possibilities of oracles and confidential computing.

The Dapp’s UI (click the link in the image to test for yourself)

The application UI: ➡️

We got in touch with him to ask a few questions about his work...

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