D.tube + Skynet = Power to Creators!

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Store your videos on D.tube using Skynet

Back in March 2020, D.tube announced support for Skynet as a decentralized file storage solution for your videos. If you aren’t familiar, D.tube is the first crypto-decentralized video platform. In short, it is decentralized YouTube. D.tube is a censorship-resistant, ad-free, and fair platform with no hidden algorithms controlling the visibility or monetization of certain videos over others. Simply, these qualities make D.tube a better platform than YouTube.

While uploading videos to D.tube, choose the source as Peer-to-Peer, then choose Skynet and paste a Skylink generated using SiaSky.net or any other portal. That’s it!

Skynet is the obvious choice here 😃
Paste a Skylink and off you go!

Here’s an example video stored on Skynet and shared via D.tube. Enjoy! https://d.tube/#!/v/siaskynet00/AAAA21HehIU7rR5IW5O4Bsn49_MXu4eHTVEolJrOunRN4w

D.tube and Skynet together give you complete control over your creative work. The content creator is truly the owner, not the platform or the publisher. Phil Campbell — one such content creator and one of D.tube leader nodes — wrote about his experience, motivation, and benefits of using this decentralized solution.


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