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A Token Launch As Part Of Our Series On Social Currency

We will soon be launching a community token on TryRoll.com as part of our live streamed series on social tokens. This may be one token in a series of tokens we launch. While this is primarily an educational “pro and con” analysis of the TryRoll platform, we will put the token to use. This will show content creators how they can create and use a social token of their own.

Overview of Roll

‘Roll provides custodial Ethereum wallets capable of sending and receiving social money from the Ethereum blockchain and within the Roll network.’

Roll is a hosted token service. Meaning you don’t need to learn about “private recovery phrases” (Seed phrases), crypto tools, or other self hosted apps. We will show everyone how to use this type of token in the broader web3 ecosystem. However, we will initially focus on gas free solutions that currently exist. This token will be used to connect the Twitch channel points to an external rewards system that you can take with you long after leaving or being removed from a centralized platform like Twitch. Good bye de-platforming!

The Dapp Digest token overview

This token launch is purely an educational and informational launch with no planned use case. However the token will be used initially for basic functions within Discord. We may expand out to the broader Web3 ecosystem as it makes sense. Though the token may be rendered void if we decide to migrate to another platform or network.

This token will be retroactively awarded to past viewers of the stream. We will also have an ongoing redemption system in our already established Web3 loyalty store. We will be taking a snapshot of all past stream viewers and will award them tokens based on their ...

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