December Updates: Wrapping Up 2020

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The Qtum Foundation wishes everyone a safe, healthy, and joyful New Year. As we wrap up the life-changing year of 2020, let us review December activities.

AtomicDEX Stress Test

One of the significant events that took place was the Komodo AtomicDex Stress Test on December 12 and 13. The AtomicDex Stress Test provided a test of the platform’s durability by having high volumes of swaps from many participants swapping test coins. Komodo announced the AtomicDex Stress Test and asked Qtum’s community to participate: if Qtum got enough entries, Qtum would be a spotlight project in the AtomicDex Stress Test. Not only did Qtum earn the spotlight, but the Qtum community really put the DEX to the test with over 20,000 swaps in our Spotlight hour!

This was a great display of teamwork across different platforms along with the power of a healthy community coming together in the name of blockchain innovation and, most importantly, decentralization. We have the best community! With the platform’s testing, Komodo can benchmark and analyze any problems with high volumes of swaps. They can also fine-tune the protocol to run optimally while building a secure, efficient, and scalable solution where trading across all blockchains becomes a decentralized, user-friendly experience for everyone. AtomixDex is also the first decentralized exchange to fully integrate Qtum’s QRC20 tokens, which is crucial to the development of DeFi on Qtum.

During the Qtum spotlight, Qtum Co-Founder Jordan Earls gave a presentation titled “A New Age in DeFi — Qtum Spot-light.” Qtum’s Head of Growth, John Scianna, and Community Manager, Frank Bruno, answered questions during the earlier live stream. The event also included AMA sessions, Easter Eggs, and lots of prizes!

AtomicDEX Stress Test Initial Results

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