Dentacoin partners with Momentum Academy and Posada Dental Clinic

We are excited to share that Dentacoin’s presence in Latin America is expanding as Panama-based training center for dentists, Momentum Wellness Academy becomes the latest partner. An esteemed center for continuous education, Momentum Wellness Academy helps dentists and aesthetic doctors to further develop their skills and keep up-to-date with the advancements in treatment methods. Now, they will be also introduced to Dentacoin revolutionary concept. Dr. Posada, the driving force behind this new partner will be also implementing Dentacoin in his family’s practice, Posada Dental Clinic in the coming weeks.

Dr posada

Dentacoin at Momentum Wellness Academy

Dental specialists who participate in Momentum courses will be acquainted with Dentacoin tools and currency, the benefits of the program for their patients and the best practices for implementation. Until the end of the year, nine events are already in the pipeline with last available spots. Lecturers in the events are leading dental specialists from Panama, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Venezuela. And, naturally participants will be able to cover the course’s cost in Dentacoin currency. Latin America is already forming as a hub for crypto with Panama looking at the example of El Salvador in that aspect.

Dr. Posada expressed his enthusiasm as the first company in his country to introduce Dentacoin:

“I think that Dentacoin came into my life at the right time. We are currently in a process where the economy has reached the digital age and this involves cryptocurrencies. Dentacoin is the easy entry for all dentists to the digital age and cryptocurrencies!”

Momentum Wellness Distribution, another member of Momentum Group will also be providing dentists with the option to purchase equipment in DCN.

Posada Dental Clinic

In addition to Momentum Wellness Academy, Dentacoin will be also implemented by Dr. Posada in the family dental practice where several generations of the Posada family are taking care of ...

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