DentaVox App: Officially Released for Android


After months of vigorous coding and creative work, we are overjoyed to announce the official launch of DentaVox App! The mobile version of Dentacoin’s top-rated dental survey platform is already available both for Android devices. Built with the mobile experience in mind, DentaVox App allows users to fully indulge in taking our informative surveys, answering daily polls, and reviewing curious dental stats. Both in the coziness of their couch and on the go!

All you need is to download the app and sign in with your existing Dentacoin credentials. You may rest assured that switching over from the web platform to the mobile app will not affect your account history and transactions (surveys taken, rewards, Dentacoin balance, etc.)

Why Mobile App?

Given that the web version of DentaVox was mobile-friendly, what was the point of creating a separate app, you may wonder. Five years ago, the global mobile internet usage surpassed desktop usage for the first time in history. If we look at the latest statistics (February 2021), in terms of market share mobile is leading with roughly 55% of the market, desktop devices take up 42%, and the remaining 3% go to tablets. In big parts of the world, the mobile phone is the only communication and information tool people possess.

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Besides, the app usage has long ago surpassed desktop usage. And there are good reasons for this — the mobile app allows for a personalized user experience and better customer engagement. On top of that, if a mobile app delivers a great added value to a user (as in DentaVox case), they return frequently, forming a habit.

Taking into account the global trends and all advantages of the mobile app, it’s no wonder that all future-oriented companies embrace a mobile strategy and make the extra efforts to create brand apps. Being at the ...

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