Dev update for the week of April 19th

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News and updates on core team and community development from the past week. As always, if we’ve missed something important, let us know!

Important Updates

The April dev call is now available, right on Skynet!

Skynet Dev Spotlight — Marissa of Zenbase

We connected with Marissa, the creator behind Zenbase, a storage adapter for GunDB (a decentralized database). Find the interview here.

Marissa’s Zenbase walkthrough covers writing elegant, efficient code (it’s just 55 lines!), and technology integrations using Skynet as decentralized storage.

Skynet Dev Spotlight — redsolver of SkyFeed

Today’s Skynet Dev Spotlight features redsolver, the creator behind SkyFeed, a decentralized social network. Check the interview here.

Redsolver’s walkthrough covers the following topics via building a decentralized micro blog: Data Access Controllers (DACs) for decentralized social media, blogging, audio, video platforms, and interoperability between Skynet apps.

Other updates

We held a number of talks over the week, including :

Decentralized social media panel discussion with Bluesky (twitter’s project), Activity Pub (Mastodon), Aether, Distributed Press, — held on April 20th on #TwitterSpaces, hosted by Manasi.

Talk by Nadir Dabit (ex-AWS, now The Graph) on the power of client-side architectures and his move into Web3 from Web2 — watch here.

Design workshop by Eddie Wang (ex-Nebulous, now Sia Foundation) — UI/UX considerations for decentralized applications — watch here.

Seed Funding and what it takes to raise your first $100k with Bessemer Ventures, A Capital, Blockchain Capital — held on April 27th, hosted by Manasi.

From the community

It’s time to bring NFTs to Skynet! As a platform, allows anyone to create an NFT collection (an ERC721 contract), and upload tokens to that collection....

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