Dev update for the week of Mar 15th

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News and updates on core team and community development from the past week. As always, if we’ve missed something important, let us know!

Important Updates

The Skynet license

We’ve updated the Skynet source code license, and trying to help solve the timeless problem of open source funding. Skynet and its third-party devs are united in our commitment to writing software that empowers freedom.

Now, this new license enables developers to sustainably fund that development. It strikes a balance between freely available code and a sustainable business model.

We encourage others to adopt it if it fits their needs! Read more about the new Skynet license here: And read the actual license here.

Premium Accounts

This week, premium accounts are coming with a new dashboard, up to 20 TB storage, and faster speeds.

“We believe that developers and content creators alike should be able to earn income off of their hard work so long as they have users that appreciate what they do.” — CEO David Vorick

The Sia Ledger app

Luke has now released a new version of the Sia Ledger Nano S app, designed to work with the Sia network hardfork previously introduced with version 1.5.4. Learn more about using the Ledger Nano S app here.

From the Skynet team

The Internet Archive

Our Dev Evangelist Daniel and VP of Strategy + Operations Manasi show you how easy decentralized storage and building web apps can be on Skynet. Register for free below for the session on Thursday, March 25th at 1PM with the Internet Archive.

Dweb Meetup March 2021 - The Latest in the DWeb Ecosystem

Dev Call

Our March Community Dev Call happened on Friday! And you can sign up for the developer newsletter right here.

From the community

Serverless wrote a README for Hacker Paste. Hacker Paste is a one-of-a-kind text snippet sharing tool, ...

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