Dev update for the week of Mar 8th

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News and updates on core team and community development from the past week. As always, if we’ve missed something important, let us know!

Important Updates

We just published the Community Update for the past few months! These updates serve to provide a broad overview of the company and community projects and announcements. Check it out!

Posts and blogs

Our CEO, David Vorick chats with Nic Carter from On The Brink! Tune in as David reviews Skynet’s 1st year of progress and future directions for identity, creator economies, and property rights.

From the community

Not much community news this week, but this is a great time to remember to check out the SkynetWiki, and to stay up to date with the #skynet and #contributors channels in our Discord.

Dev links


Sia AntFarm Docker
#14 Fil released docker image for v1.1.3 of the AntFarm.

Skynet JS
#363 Marcin fixed a bug in the SDK where an empty registry entry would return an error.


!5135 PJ updated the persistence for the EA tracking.
!5129 Matt removed the wal from the siadir to improve performance on metadata updates.


The repo split between siad and skyd has begun. The new skyd repo can be found at


Discord, Reddit, Twitter, Skynet website, Sia website

Until next week.


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