Dev Update: New Explorer Version

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In this blog post, the Technical Team is pleased to announce updates on the Ambrosus Explorer. Please note that the updates will be released upon the distribution of this article — the release itself may take around thirty minutes for it to take effect.

Ambrosus: The Decentralized Blockchain

To date, the Ambrosus Network has grown into a decentralized and robust network. When it comes to decentralization specifically, AMB-NET currently counts more than 720 masternodes validating, processing and storing data. Furthermore, transactions on AMB-NET are effectively faster and cost-efficient (~0.00001 AMB per tx!) as opposed to other leading protocols such as Ethereum.

Update: EXPLORER 4.0.6

The filtration of different types of transactions has been updated. Before, clicking on a particular transaction type from the drop-down (transactions, contract calls, bundle uploads, etc.) an error occurred. This, amongst a number of other small bugs will now be fixed.

Furthermore, the team would like to address that since ERC20 is no longer supported, the $AMB valuation represents Native $AMB.

Finally, the bundles page now features the approximate bundle cost for the next month. This, in addition to the previous CSV-export feature, allows masternode operators to better forecast and manage their Ambrosus masternodes.

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