Developer Update: 4.0.14

Today the technical team will be releasing new updates around the same time this blog is posted. The roll out includes updates and bug fixes to Node Extended, the Ambrosus Node Onboarding Package for setting up your nodes, and the explorer.

Node Extended: v0.1.10

An error was found in /account2/info by one of our Hermes partners. When set an empty address field to the /account2/ request in the Hermes masternode environment, it responded with an error. This error caused an HTML response instead of JSON. It has now been fixed.

Furthermore, a fix will be implemented to support a token update in /account2/modify. This will allow users to set a password and login for validation in the Hermes dashboard, instead of using a private key.

Node Onboarding Package: v0.0.9

A workerInterval is going to be added to state.json. This makes the parameter persistent during updates. With the fix, it will be enabled to set an interval for bundle creation in the Hermes node’s state.json file which now remains unchanged after daily state.json template update.

Explorer v4.0.14

The filtering of transactions in the Ambrosus explorer has been redesigned to support a new feature. Soon, one should be able to filter by address and type. Furthermore, bug fixes were implemented to the filter function. Next, the transaction filter selection has been optimized and the total number of bundles has been added to the Atlas node page. Lastly, addresses containing zero transactions should now be displayed correctly on the Explorer.


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