Developer Update: 4.0.16

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Today, the technical team is launching a new Ambrosus Explorer update. While we have published this blog, the new update will roll out simultaneously. Let’s go over the list of updates you will soon be able to see on the explorer.

Explorer 4.0.16

Transactions will be easier to have an overview of. The upcoming update includes a transaction tree which will be displayed on all pages with transaction lists. Next, a bug has been fixed which showed transactions per bock, whereas now it will show transactions in the block. Moreover, the used gas value is now added into the tx info.

Furthermore, indexes have been implemented which will speed up listings, as well as minor text output fixes had been implemented for a cleaner UI. Lastly, the Parity RPC has been improved, effectively eliminating data gaps.

As always, the Ambrosus Explorer will be synchronizing as we publish this blog post. Don’t hesitate letting us know what you think of the implemented updates, and what you think would contribute to an even better product!

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