Developer Update: A Massive Upgrade

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Dear Ambrosus community,

The technical team is launching a new system upgrade today. This update will significantly improve the overall experience for masternode operators — a massive long-awaited and important update.

Bundle Transfer

Parallel to the regular updates to the Ambrosus Explorer, the technical team has been working on other improvements and new features. Today, the technical team is proud to announce they have significantly redesigned the scheme of interaction between the Atlas masternodes and AMB-NET specifically when transferring bundles. This redesign leads to a substantial acceleration of bundle transfers and masternode retirement: two major functionalities.

Node Retirement

Furthermore, this update will allow masternodes to retire during the last period of the bundle storage, and will effectively and significantly reduce the amount of nectar (transaction cost) for the bundle transfer.

We aim to make your interaction with AMB-NET seamless, secure and fast and deliver products that will contribute to enhancing your overall experience. In the future we are looking to launch several features, of which the two biggest are the Whale Area (personal area for masternode operators) and the wallet application for Ledger.

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