Developer Update: Explorer 4.0.11

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Developer Update: Explorer 4.0.12

Dear Ambrosus community,

The technical team would like to introduce you to a new series of updates. With the updates soon to be rolled out and go live as we publish this blog, we will briefly go over today’s list of explorer updates.

Explorer 4.0.12

Each transaction on AMB-NET gets marked with either a green (successful) or a red (failed) bar. It has been brought to the team’s attention that this status could be improved, i.e. through changing the icon and improving the user interface with the next update.

Next, the technical team has fixed the TotalSupply calculation bug, now displaying accurate data. Furthermore several other updates will be rolled out simultaneously, including backend Apollo masternode filtering, backend Atlas masternode filtering, and backend addresses filtering. Check out the video below for a clear overview of the newly implemented fixes.

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