Developer Update: Explorer 4.0.19

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Dear Ambrosus community,

The tech team has been preparing for a new update to the explorer which will be released today. In the past months, the Ambrosus Explorer has come a long way and has grown into a very elaborate and helpful dashboard for data insights. Let’s dive into today’s update.

v.4.0.18: the Explorer has come a long way

Atlas totalBundles

The total number of bundles for Atlas masternodes, specifically the previously calculated number, was inaccurate. With the new release, this number will be precise.

Address role info added

In light of the upcoming Executive Operating Area, also known as the Whale Area, each address in the network will now be marked with its role in case such a role is available (i.e. Atlas, Apollo, Hermes).

Migration for address role

This is a new function which allows adding address roles in a seamless manner. As soon as the new explorer version rolls out, address roles can be added without the need to re-synchronize the entire Explorer which usually takes up to a week’s time.

Atlas bundles count

The Atlas bundles count by 24h API endpoint will be added. This function gives an opportunity to request via API the number of sheltered bundles by a specific Atlas node within the last 24 hours.

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