Developer Update: Explorer 4.0.20

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Dear Ambrosus community,

Today marks another milestone for the Ambrosus Explorer. We appreciate your feedback on our most recent technical updates. It appeared that some posts were technical to the extent they became challenging to understand. We are happy to share that this has been taken into consideration for the writing of this new update.

Number Fix

The number of stored bundles displayed on an Atlas masternode page on the Explorer shall be fixed with this update. Currently, some Atlas masternodes feature a negative number of stored bundles, and this is not correct. The fix will allow for displaying the right number of bundles.

Payout Balance

At the moment, some Atlas masternodes feature zero available balance in the explorer, while in reality the masternode itself contains a positive balance. After the roll out of today’s update, the correct balance shall be displayed on the Atlas masternode page.

Sneak Preview

While the technical team continues to further improve the now elaborate tool that once started off as a block explorer, they are also excited to share a little sneak peek on their projects that run in parallel. As you may know, the team has been busy working on Ledger support, and we are excited to share that earlier today the first AMB transaction had been successfully signed by a Ledger. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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