Developer Update: Explorer 4.0.22

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Dear Ambrosus Community,

As soon as this blog is published, a new technical update will roll out. In this developer update blog we will briefly go over changes included in this update.

Ambrosus Explorer

A fix has been implemented to improve the performance of filtering transactions on the explorer. Next, retired Apollo masternodes (validator nodes) previously returned a “404 not found” error. This error has now been fixed. Furthermore, the technical team has expertly re-developed Ambrosus block synchronization, effectively resulting in faster syncing.

In addition to the above, clicking on a masternode address on the transactions page will now redirect users to the Apollo and Atlas page. Users may also notice the transactions page layout looks different than before. Lastly, the team redeveloped the date-picker on the Apollo and Atlas pages. With this update, users are able to pick more than one day “from-to” and export the selected data from this period to a CSV-file.

Upcoming fixes

Among the development of new products, the following few days, the technical team will research and fix an address synchronization issue which causes some addresses to reflect as a contract in the production environment, while displayed as a regular address in the test environment.

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