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Dear Ambrosus community,

While Christmas is almost around the corner, the technical team plans to roll out a new release by the end of today. Let’s go over today’s release notes.

Missing blocks

The existing algorithm that was in place for the searching of missing blocks, has been redeveloped. The updated algorithm ensures faster, and more accurate synchronization through finding the list of blocks in a more sophisticated manner.

Data fetching

A new functionality for nodes has been added. This functionality allows nodes to fetch data from a particular block, containing a particular event, and traces all the way back to the designated Atlas masternode which stores this data.


The “netinfo” for the network status API has been redeveloped. You can find this API here: It allows to considerably decrease the processor load, and adds asynchrony. After the implementation of the update, it will not start unless a new block appears in the network, which translates to no more than about five seconds.

🎄 🎁 The team wishes you happy holidays and you will hear more from us very soon again!

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