Development Update — Week 32 & 33

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Development Update — Week 32 & 33

Skywire Update

The past two weeks’ technical progress on Skywire has focused on the dmsg distributed messaging system, starting with the introduction of ports to the dmsg protocol. This enables apps to use dmsg directly, instead of using routes and split dsmg interfaces to access the net library through it. We also altered the SSH remote command executor to use dmsg by default, and added integration tests for SSH.

In other news, we have decoupled the transport management logic, resolving issues with the re-establishment of transports following visor shutdown routing breaks.

Coin Hour Bank Update

Coin Hour Bank has benefited recently from important updates on the UX/UI front, beginning with an improved 2FA login flow to make the process more fluid. We also improved the transaction list’s visuals and search function, and moved balance info that was displayed with transactions to its own page.

Other changes include the addition of a minimum amount for SCH withdrawals and corrections to inaccuracies in the withdrawal values displayed in confirmation emails, as well as improved error messages for users.

Skywallet Update

Skywallet has officially entered its beta testing stage!

Other progress at Skycoin includes ongoing work on non-dev CX issues, as plenty of work to announce in the weeks to come.

Check back soon for more news of progress as we continue to build the Skycoin ecosystem.

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