district0x Dev Update – April 13th, 2021

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Development progress and product changes from district0x

The last two weeks have continued our trend of accelerating development productivity towards the ends we established in our pivot last year. Across the board we are seeing progress towards testing instances, full functionality, and polished front-ends for our various marketplaces in development. More detail is provided below.

To begin, we have been riffing on variations of Meme Factory that would make it usable in the interim while gas prices remain out of reach for average users of dApps. While we explore certain scalability solutions that apply across our entire range of offerings, we’ve temporarily committed to relaunching Meme Factory on an Ethereum testnet to allow artists and collectors to continue to expand their portfolios and share their work without unnecessary fee obligations. With future implementations, we expect to offer a bridge to bring this new work back onto the mainnet.

Name Bazaar has also had a QA instance established and debugged. We began with a working test instance early last week, but within a few days of working test data into the app, we encountered an overloading loop that was tanking the server. We revised this through two iterations with our external development partner, but encountered an unexpected timeout with the server application after a few more days of testing, which is currently under investigation.

Hegex, our secondary options swap marketplace for the Hegic protocol, is also continuing progress at a steady rate. We’ve been implementing and fixing the 0x relayer API to serve swaps on mainnet. We’ve also been refining and shrinking our Javascript bundles in order to achieve faster loading times. This work goes hand in hand with hammering out mobile layouts and CSS issues to achieve a more presentable fit and finish to the public.

As a final step towards mainnet launch, ...

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