district0x Dev Update – April 27th, 2021

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Development progress and product changes from district0x

Our hot streak of hiring and building continues in the past sprint as we power along a new list of qualified solidity developer candidates and complete rounds of testing and debugging on new and revamped dapps. This kind of progress is what we have sought most in our pivot last year, and it’s wonderful to see these changes bear fruit.

To begin, Name Bazaar was left in a state of transition during out last update. We managed to identify the underlying issue with the server timeouts, and worked with our development partners in order to clean this up in a hurry. Now after a bit more configuration work, we’ve got a stable instance to test on, and are working on the continuous integration pathways before proceeding to a testnet and mainnet launch.

Work on our options swap marketplace, Hegex, continues as issues from previous weeks have been iterated through and cleaned up. There were multiple pass throughs of the UI and styling to nitpick and fine tune small issues. Several unresponsive forms have been fixed. We’ve also setup ganache support to test as near to mainnet as possible, as we mentioned previously. Lastly, we finished the setup of 0x relayer node, which turned out to be a lot more debugging and testing than anticipated. Although this wasn’t straightforward, it worked out in the end.

Finally, we spent several more cycles studying ZK sync and the Zinc language as our scalability solution of choice. We will try to apply this as a minimum viable product to the invoicing functions on Ethlance. We had a fruitful meeting with the ZK sync team that enabled us to better plan around their timeline and integration with Solidity in the coming months. With this in mind, we returned to connecting the ...

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