district0x Dev Update – December 8th, 2020

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Development progress and product changes from district0x

This past development cycle has been a continuation of all things we’ve detailed in the previous month of updates. In particular, there has been a large focus on continuing to in-source new marketplace experimentation while out-sourcing more complete marketplace ideas.

A recent batch of new hires have been picking up the progress where we’ve left off with older projects. Ethlance, for instance, now has new sets of eyes, getting up to speed with the entirety of the tech stack, running the app locally, and moving forward through the remaining work orders. This mostly involves plugging in the UI with the server side and correcting the various form fields and formatting that’s yet untested.

Additionally, we’ve been actively seeking external teams to pick up the slack with regards to the state of Name Bazaar. With the not-so-recent updates to the ENS protocol, many of the core functions of Name Bazaar completely broke pending a migration pointing them towards other smart contracts. With the advent of new, freed resources and the new project management style we’ve adopted, we’re now able to contract out these pending migrations to another team, and will likely have a very similar offering to the original Name Bazaar available within a few months time.

We continue to see interest from outside sources looking to launch secondary marketplaces, aggregating the latest in various decentralized finance protocols on Ethereum, as districts on our network. While it’s harder to track progress of these applications outside of the immediate purview of the district0x organization, we’re confident that the ideas presented here are highly likely to yield quite a bit of traction if developed in a timely fashion.

Lastly, we’re still looking to hire more developers and continue our push along our written roadmap. See below for details.

Clojurescript/Solidity ...

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