district0x Dev Update – January 19th, 2021

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Development progress and product changes from district0x

The new year has begun with momentum in all realms of hiring, development, as well as future planning for the district0x project and it’s many new marketplaces. While we have secured several developers for full time positions, we’re continuing to use available funding to hire for more open positions and will be announcing a new funding program in the coming weeks to assist with this.

To begin, progress on relaunching Name Bazaar has proceeded swimmingly thus far. Most of the work has been laser focused on smart contract upgrades that allow the features we’ve already had in place to interact with the permanent ENS registrar. As this work proceeds, we will update the front-end to better gel with the changes we’ve made. This project is handled by an outside firm, and is proceeding rapidly as a result of the number of engineers we can dedicate to it.

We mentioned in our last post how we intended to develop a new path forward for Meme Factory as well. This work has been grueling, as redesigning the central premise of the TCR while maintaining usage of the DANK token is a very tricky proposition. We’re entertaining a host of potential new design patterns where DANK can retain it’s original voting functionality, but all of them require some research in order to control for the high cost of transactions on Ethereum right now.

For the last few months, Ethlance has been subject to development from one part time developer, who has only just this week gone full time. This should produce some amount of more visible progress in coming updates. For now, we’ve finished the signup page and hooked in all validation logic, and are now looking to implement our own notification library into the UI, borrowing from other ...

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