district0x Dev Update – January 5th, 2021

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Development progress and product changes from district0x

Bon voyage to 2020 and welcome to a brand new year in cryptocurrency. The district0x project has been light on progress in the last two weeks given the holiday season. However, there are still several updates on the development side worth sharing, and new formulations for the future to express as well.

To begin, Ethlance’s rework continues at a slow and steady pace, with the registration page for Ethlance and all 3 user types is stored and validated on the front end. The back end and server side validation for this page was also completed, and we’re now working on the profile page to surface these signup information correctly to users.

Alongside this, we’ve continued forward with Name Bazaar’s rework as well. As mentioned in our last post, we were able to secure an outside development team to begin the process of rebooting the marketplace. While this too has been on hold a bit during the holiday season, we expect to have some more substantial updates in the weeks to come.

A new initiative we’ve been working towards recently involves Meme Factory. Since it’s inception, Meme Factory has suffered any time gas prices have crept up, as the economic viability of the token curated registry model is undercut by the raw cost of a transaction. This problem compounds through the entire marketplace, crushing the value proposition of the meme issuance process and giving further disincentive to use the DANK token as intended. To rectify this, we’re beginning to draw a new design for Meme Factory that completely rewrites the TCR out of the marketplace, and will instead leverage the DANK token in other ways, while coming up with more creative solutions to beckon out DANK liquidity.

Lastly, we’re still looking to hire more developers and continue ...

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