district0x Dev Update – June 8th, 2021

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Development progress and product changes from district0x

Greetings from the other side of another development cycle here at district0x. This update will be short, as it’s a continuation of patterns we detailed in our previous two posts, and we’re in full swing to prepare issues for the upcoming Gitcoin hackathon we’ve funded. These will be shared publicly soon!

To begin, we’ve been re-staging our QA instances to make them more responsive for our development team. This includes moving them from US West servers to European ones, where most of our contributors are located. Some other usability improvements, such as wrapping up and automating a bunch of our manual configurations have also assisted in faster and easier spin-ups. This automation work has come alongside improved documentation that will help external contributors approach our repositories in the aforementioned hackathon.

Besides this, the majority of the last two weeks have included continuous debugging and manual testing for the pending Name Bazaar update and the launch of Hegex. We had 4 remaining issues for Name Bazaar that were dealt with via our friends at Vacuum Labs. Similarly, Hegex had outstanding issues involving exercising options on wBTC pertaining to decimal miscounts.

With all these issues resolved, we began this week to move towards a Ropsten testnet launch of both Hegex and Name Bazaar. This process is ongoing, as yesterday the Ropsten network was spammed. We will proceed through team user testing before continuing into the mainnet launches for both of these applications.

It’s exciting time for us here at district0x as we close in on our first application launch in more than a year, as well as our first hackathon in much longer. We are also continuing to hire competent security and solidity developers — just drop us a line at talent@district0x.io with some of your experience ...

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