district0x Dev Update – March 16th, 2021

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Development progress and product changes from district0x

The last two weeks have been a continuation of many of the lines of work we’ve opened with new contributors joining the team recently, with a lot of progress proceeding from individuals working on their specific silos. We have also moved the ball forward with a few new initiatives, in particular with regards to scalability solutions.

First and foremost, a number of applications have had new staging environments constructed for quality assurance testing, as well as a range of improvements made to our deployment pipeline. This extends to changes made to our static website deployments, which previously have been inoperable in several regards for quite a while. Work on our infrastructure is now transitioning towards continuous integration updates for our static pages, as well as an IPFS spec upgrade.

As an extension of these changes, we are now also hosting Meme Factory on the Ropsten testnet for our users to play with. This is a temporary, alternative solution to a more robust scalability implementation. On that note, one of the points of research and planning of the past few weeks has been in regards to optimal scaling solutions for us long term. While we considered many sidechain style solutions and had working models for bridges back to Ethereum, what ultimately makes the most sense for us is implementing true zk-sync rollups, as they will maintain compatibility far into Ethereum’s future with the continued ETH 2.0 phases and sharding et al.

Steady progress has been made on both the Name Bazaar and Ethlance reworks. Name Bazaar in particular was held up by a QA deployment which has otherwise been ironed out, and now work is continuing in this staging environment with our external development partner. Similarly, Ethlance has had its URL structure fixed, it’s corresponding ...

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