district0x Dev Update – March 2nd, 2021

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Development progress and product changes from district0x

The past development cycle has been a bustling and productive one for the district0x project. With a number of new contributors starting up recently, there’s been a huge leap forward in progress towards a number of different districts and products. Let’s dig right in.

First up worth mentioning is the addition of two new developers to the team, including a new DevOps engineer and a new Solidity engineer. With these two new additions, we’ve effectively doubled the size of the development team since the third quarter of 2020. And this hiring spree is likely to continue in the future as we expand our search for solidity devs and a marketing manager to bring our new offerings public.

Ethlance development continues on a page-by-page basis. GraphQL types and endpoints were developed for the user profile page, and a deep dive brainstorm session was conducted on the database design for the data entered on user profiles. Following from this, the carousel on this page was built and made to work with real data, and now we’re just working to refactor and polish off the rough edges before moving on.

Beside this, we’ve seen a ton of visual progress on Hegex, our secondary options marketplace and aggregator. Most changes in the past two weeks have been to functional UI elements. Buttons, table styling, and a profit and loss counter have all been implemented, including a break-even price calculation that’s functional with real-time data. We’re currently working to fine-tune the layout, and rapidly approaching a complete QA instance. We’re currently held back by a minor compilation issue that exists with our newly established QA instances.

Speaking of QA instances, the Name Bazaar refactor is also progressing at a rapid pace, with all smart contract and styling updates complete and ...

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