district0x Dev Update – March 30th, 2021

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Development progress and product changes from district0x

This development cycle has been quite exciting, as the team continues to grow in both size and experience. As our new developers hit a stride in productivity, many of our projects are humming along towards an inevitable QA testing period. There are many open threads continuing along from our previous dev update.

To begin, the external team working with us to restore Name Bazaar has completed their development work on the district proper. With this delivered, we’re only left establishing a proper QA instance in order to test the changes rendered. Currently this work is held up by a small issue that made our QA instances unresponsive.

Essentially, the issue amounts to some minor misconfigurations on our nginx servers. This is preventing proper communication with our IPFS gateways and therefore an instability where we can’t serve test data to our QA deployments. This is holding up not only Name Bazaar, but the majority of our new QA environments as well.

Moving on, more work has continued with Hegex, our options swap marketplace. In particular, there were rather large refactors to polish the designs and to expand the viability of smart contracts. Then we pushed forward with adding wBTC contracts support. The orderbook was redesigned for more clarity, and we added some additional features for usability like transaction lists.

Alongside this front-end design work on components, important changes were made to the smart contract base, mostly to enhance upgradability. Now utilizing timelocks, we have made the entire range of important economic functions far more trustless, and have secured the OptionChef contract in a way that previously was not possible. We will continue with polishing the UI, adding in usability components, and need to setup a 0x relayer node, then we’re ready to begin a migration to ...

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