district0x Dev Update – May 11th, 2021

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Development progress and product changes from district0x

Another cycle of development has come to pass, and we’re two weeks closer to public launch on a broad set of initiatives we’ve mentioned in the last few months. We continue to plow forward with hiring interviews for new developers, establish new lines of incentives and documentation for external contributors to make meaningful additions to the project, and polish off issues related to the dApps in QA environments.

First and closest to launch among these is likely Hegex, which for the past several weeks has been in a state of back-and-forth with identifying a minor set of issues to correct, taking a hard development pass at all of them, and then re-entering a state of review to hunt for more fit and finish. You can follow these issues more closely on our Github.

Next up is Ethlance, where we’ve been hard at work defining a new launch specification that is based around our recent foray into ZK-sync. This has been a fruitful excursion of research, and has come with its own set of challenges and concessions to make. The most notable among these in the last two weeks, we’ve decided to deprecate standard bounties support, as those contracts are no longer actively maintained and when we committed to their support last year, we had no clear expectations of L2 scalability solutions on the horizon that would require compatible upgrades.

We’ve also taken time to clean up some of the more confusing parts of our GraphQL implementation. This has laid the groundwork for some of the new designs we’ve requested. Once these get the go-ahead, we will begin to implement them.

Lastly, on the DevOps front, we have been proceeding onward with a variety of initiatives. First and foremost, we’ve been focused on testing ...

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