district0x Dev Update – May 25th, 2021

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Development progress and product changes from district0x

Two weeks have flown by, and through the spring bloom our development progress has continued to flourish. Several team members have taken much needed time off given the ongoing push for mass vaccination and the heavy side effects it causes. However, we are continuing to hone in on launches for Name Bazaar and Hegex, with rounds of team testing slated to begin this week. Meanwhile, Ethlance development continues.

To start, we received a batch of new code for Name Bazaar from our friends at Vacuum Labs. This was a rather extensive update, and after a week of testing and review we found just four issues that need to be addressed before. Once these are complete, we can proceed with a full scale testnet launch. From there, ironing out any remaining issues before launching to mainnet and the public should be relatively short work.

In a very similar vein for Hegex, we are wrapping up a couple of issues that cropped up in our previous round of testing. In particular, we are building a new function to check the limits of Hegic liquidity pool so we can warn the user if the transaction will fail because of lack of liquidity, preventing wasted gas fees. There are a few more UI quirks and “safety checks” of this type we’re adding for quality of life, and then we’ll be passing Hegex along into the next stage of testing as well.

Outside of this, most other development has been on hold as we crystalize workflows and update our github documentation to better assist external contributors. The developers working towards the Ethlance relaunch took a short break before returning to update all of our typical solidity methods and contract calls and preparing further changes for the ZK-sync scalability integration.

While ...

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