district0x Dev Update – September 29th, 2020

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Development progress and product changes from district0x

In our last update, we detailed how our development progress towards the District Designer and Ethlance 2.0 were put on temporary hold while the team conducted full-scale explorations of DeFi for new ideas and influences to roll back into our own application development. This work has resulted in a wealth of potential modifications to our existing roadmap, all of which are under active investigation and will be disseminated with our community when solidified.

The remainder of the past two weeks was spent picking back up on our previous work routines. This resulted in only a few deliverables pushed forward with respect to Ethlance, however, we have a much more concentrated approach to the next few months.

Our game plan currently is:

  1. Continue building Ethlance 2.0 to the current specification — using a more traditional DB architecture to vastly reduce the overhead for freelancers and employers.
  2. Research a new, specific scalability solution to pair with the release of the District Designer — we’ve already been experimenting with OrbitDB in this regard
  3. Develop a new District idea from scratch — based off results of our research into DeFi and NFTs, commit to a new roadmap item that will enable us to build something with enough demand to sustain interest through gas price spikes like we’ve seen recently, whilst still remaining within the original vision of “decentralized marketplaces”.

These in conjunction should carry us through the end of the next quarter, and as our new roadmap milestone is developed we will share it through this channel. As always, we invite and encourage any feedback via the links below. Communal contributions help us remain strong as a project.

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