district0x Quarterly Report – Q4 2020

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A summary of events and financials from the most recent quarter

At the beginning of each new quarter, the district0x team produces a report giving an overview of any major proceedings from the previous quarter. This includes product updates, team updates, community changes, as well as financial statements. These reports are available via our transparency page.

The end of 2020 brought us a bunch of positive reinforcement after what was a major pivot in the preceding quarter. Pouring our time into hiring and defining a range of new projects, we were able to establish serious momentum as more engineers joined the team and more districts kicked off development. As the quarter came to a close and we entered 2021, we built out new lines of funding for external development teams and contracted out several new partners as the team continues to grow and expand in scope and adapt to our new roadmap, style, and pace. We look forward to continuing to capitalize on our unique position in the space.

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