dLinks Launches on Skynet

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Namebase brings together HNS and Skynet for an elegant solution to owning your online identity

The best dLink: http://dghelm.hns.to

Yesterday Namebase launched a code-free way of creating a fully decentralized profile connecting all of your content on the internet.

In just a few seconds, dLinks lets you easily create a personal profile accessible using your handshake domain. Upload a profile image, pick a theme, and input what links you’d like to share — that’s it!

In the background, they’re generating a webpage, deploying it on Skynet, and updating your HNS records to point to your profile’s Skylink. It’s a simple and powerful way to get started with both decentralized DNS and Skynet and is one of the fastest ways to create a completely Web3 online-presence.

This kind of application has typically been difficult to build, and deploy. However, anyone with a Handshake domain now has immediate access to a site near impervious to being taken down.
Rather than simply renting a domain name via a registrar (like GoDaddy), you own your Handshake name. Should anything happen to you on one platform, everyone can be certain that your dLinks has the most accurate information about where to find you next.

Check out the dLink launch announcement for more information on their motivations and tech stack, or go make your own dLink!

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